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// LINK: [T]erroroke
[T]erroroke is a club-stage performance investigating and demystifying the deep social impact and rise of Turbofolk music in Ex-Yugoslavia in the last 30 years. Turbofolk can be reviewed as a pornonationalistic music genre glorifying crime, uber-eroticism and the easy acquisition of wealth. It could be compared to Western pop-rock music, while in contrast, Turbofolk was very much controlled by regime media managers during the 90s.

[T]erroroke is the first attempt to deeply understand this paradigm by singing typical Ex-YU and Serbian songs with automatically translated English lyrics in a Karaoke setup. Typical ulutations and truly deep Balkan passion are being kept, thus the audience is able to fully grasp the content and expression (insignificance) of each song.

For booking please write us with the subject "[T]erroroke"

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