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Mixed Media Installation, Social


Modification Patch


Mini-ITX Board, Nintendo DS, DS Cartridges, Security Cases


Ubuntu, Python, C, Selenium Server


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Player's of PlaySureVeillance, two self-programmed games for the Nintendo DS, are recorded, profiled and automatically presented and tracked on Facebook. In the course of the game more and more information is gathered of the participant and stored in a public record. The sinister politics of social coercion in the revered social web are revealed as a problem of unwarranted interfacing.

Part of the game, or let’s say rather of the play, is the creation and dissemination of an urban myth through spreading modified game cartridges back into the economic system. The game which has been programmed for the Nintendo DS is being put into its capitalistic enclosure, into an innocent-looking game cartridge.The program code makes use of one of the key features from the DS, namely the built-in WIFI function. The games themselves are casual games where each player bypasses certain levels of interaction. They deal with topics such as Terrorism and Nudity.

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