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Developed together with Bengt Sjolen and in mutual correspondence with Weise7 collective


14 Wifi routers, EL-Wire, 3D printed cases, Acrylglass


python, hexinject, netcat, bash

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Packetbrücke examines the possibilities of simulating network traffic of an entire remote network infrastructure. Wireless network packages are directly captured from an area of interest. Initially, we inaugarated the first Packetücke in our studio in Weise7, located in Weisestrasse 7 in Neukölln, Berlin. Those captured packages are tunneled through and instantly being played back through the receiver side of Packetbrücke which can be located in another part of the city, another country or even continent. 14 WIFI routers are seperately tuned into one of the 14 channel frequencies of the 802.11 WIFI standard. Paketbrücke plays with the idea of simulating entire network situations by repositioning electromagnetic infrastructure/architecture into different space. Mobile phones which usually use surrounding WIFI-networks to determine their location will be 'geo-hijacked' and 'think' that they are located to another location (in our first case close to Weise7 in Neukölln).

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