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Developed during a workshop held by STEALTH and Kristian Lukic as part of thematic projet 'metaverse' at Piet Zwart Institute 07 in Rotterdam.


Ghetto PC


Linden Scripting Language, AutoIt Script

// LINK: Utopia of fine Dust
Our Agents have been placed on several spots and are currently tracking all approaching avatars, logging their duration of stay, as well as avatar's name and ID. Due to restrictive rules on these spots, placing an ordinary log-object was not possible. Nonetheless, our Agents (Mr. Gamba, Ms. Autopoiesis) sucessfully circumvented these restrictions. They are counting endlessly by sacrificing their body with wearable scripts on-skin. Of All user-generated buzzwor(l)ds2.0, LindenLab's 'Second Life' is the most blatantly proprietary and overhyped. And so clumsy and trashy that it needs to be celebrated as retro kitsch today! (Text: Florian Cramer)


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