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Special thanks to Selena Savić and Phillip Lammer for realization and drawing support!
B/W print in various dimensions, Laserply Copper (90x60cm)
A map of a city is usually a result of a combination of urban planning and impromptu building interventions by its inhabitants. Urban planning, in history, often regarded urban problems as problems of programming ; thus applying programmable solutions. Increasingly, buildings must be related not only to their natural and urban contexts, but also to their integration of network interfaces. This proposed city map is an emphasis of such an approach. It is a reading of the city of Shenzhen as a computer mainboard diagram.
The tasks of the computer processor are translated to certain city functions. Pipelines and conductors become silicon roads and active and passive components turn into buildings, residential and commercial areas; electric impulses become traffic. This CPU City Model is an undertaking to express a cartography of the usually unseen - a formal printed circuit board layout that blends the logical order with a new world mapping. It expresses how our cities are increasingly rationalized as information systems.

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