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Developed together with ZugZwangZukunft / Sebastian Hanig


PC, Old Arcade Machine, C-Control, Electronics, Buzzer


Director, BasCOM

// LINK: Chakramat

* CAUTION THIS MACHINE CAN BE DANGEROUS! It is strictly forbidden to use the Chakramat for people with heart pacemakers! In case of dizziness, tachycardia or weakness please disconnect immediately!
The Chakramat is the first digital Chakra Refurbishing Machine worldwide, developed by two young Austrian artists. In order to experience genuine sensation, each user has first to insert a coin into the arcade machine. Secondly, an appealing picture must be chosen and both hands placed on top of the two Chakramat buzzers. Stay calm. This image is transmitted as pulsated electronic current via the user's body from left towards the right hand. Since human body skin is able to conduct electricity, the data stream is traversing all way through the seven chakra centers, while the user stays attached to the machine. Through the left buzzer the Chakramat sends the data stream which travels through the user's body. The right buzzer reads the incoming stream and recompiles the picture again. Depending on body resistance, chakra response and fingertips-sweat the output of each individual will look different while the resemblance of the original footage is kept. The user can also join with other people and build up human networks by holding each others hand!

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