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Developed with Danja Vasiliev




GNU/Linux, all sorts of programming languages

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120days of *buntu is a mash-up of 120 different Ubuntu operating systems (OS), each a self-contained Live CD/USB stick so that any PC/Mac can be instantly booted from it. The project reconfigures and remixes the source code of the most popular Linux/GNU distribution - Ubuntu - to create a collection of idiosyncratic but useless distributions. Whereas default systems impose ever more rules and dogmas, making them similar to increased controls over public space, the project emphasizes that these are open to modification, reuse and public action. Earlier this year, inspired by illegal CD/DVD sellers, live CDs were distributed, on the streets of São Paolo, Brazil. The 120days of *buntu is a work in progress and you can take part as a developer, a designer or suggest another idea for an operating system which hasn't been released yet! A growing collection of downloads are available here DOWNLOADS

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