27.10.2005 18:30 local time in austria/switzerland/germany/nickelsdorf!

THE HANDYDANDY plays live via SKYPE on five different places worldwide!

bernhard bauch - T610 - vienna/austria
lluuc gross - T630 - nickelsdorf/austria
nicolaj kirisits - T610 - sao paolo/brazil
gordan savicic - T630 - zurich/switzerland
florian waldner - T630 - berlin/germany

-> Streamed CONCERT recorded in HD-headquarter Vienna (sorry - SOLD OUT!)g
-> World Mobile Award goes to ...
-> Gordan Savicic in Zurich/Switzerland
-> Balcon Performance in Zurich/Switzerland
-> Nicolaj Kirisits in Sao Paulo/Brazil

The Handy Dandy * consists of five Media-artists from Austria (Bauch Bernhard, Gross Luc, Kirisits Nicolaj, Savicic Gordan, Waldner Florian) making music on their mobile telephones instead of using usual Music-instruments. The mobile Telephones are used only as interfaces and they are connected, via Bluetooth, to a computer network, a virtual opposite to the "human network" music-band. The entire instrument served by the musicians, is thus divided into the mobile telephones, the Bluetooth connections and the laptops acting together over WLan. Thereby different Feedback systems on social and digital level, which are used for the compositions, develop. The selection of this configuration makes possible to use not only the movement in space as temporally akusmatic category but also to connect the powerful aesthetics of a Rock performance with the intellectual requirement of the electronic music. The Handydandy is at the same time a RocknRollband and a computer network - music group. * The name of the Band consists of the words Handy; this is the German term for mobile telephone, and Dandy. The poet Charles Baudelaire wrote that an aspiring dandy must have "no profession other than elegance. . . no other status but that of cultivating the idea of beauty in their own persons. . . . The dandy must aspire to be sublime without interruption; he must live and sleep before a mirror."