TechSheet — admin @ 12:05 pm


<include body.h>


  • constant wireless scan // get signal strength and encryption.
  • signal strength translated into motor addressing.
  • walking the everyday

    through the city.

  • elude or suffer!
  • body becomes shaped after city rules.


Sketch Chest Corset

Wearable — admin @ 2:36 am


  • 4 High-Torque

    Servos (250Ncm)

  • Nintendo DS running custom Software (Dserial for Servo-Control)
  • dswifi lib for scanning wireless networks
  • PVC chest strips (body shaped) + metall junctions which are tightened according to RC/servo rotation

Installation Setup (Rough Sketch)

Exhibition — admin @ 1:30 am

  • 2 Video-Beamers on either-side with video documentation of performance with jacket-corsage. (Performance by myself).
  • City Map with alternative walks / everday practice.
  • Corsage-Jacket is running in DEMO-mode during exhibition / inflate-process visible.

devkitpro installation on gentoo

TechSheet — admin @ 11:23 pm

For writing homebrew on NDS, you will need some of these:

  • devkitARM
  • libnds (compulsory)
  • dswifi (yep, use wifi-module)
  • PAlib (makes life easier)
  • libfat (writing

    on your CF/SD card)

Don’t use the ebuild available somewhere on gentoo packages, as it uses devkitarm19 which is already deprecated and does not work very well with DSerial. devkitarm20 is fine at the moment & nothing to compile neither.

Found a great bash-script for installing the devkitpro toolchain (unfortunately, after all installation-hassles):

First of all…

TechSheet — admin @ 11:31 am

be aware of

cheap generic priligy

header files…

full immersion

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