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The pain of everyday life

If electromagnetic waves are the new medium of city┬┤s communication system, then our everyday life is unavoidable entwined by an invisible information cloud, built upon wireless interconnected networks. Albeit, we never experience access-restrictions by walking through the streets unless we unsolicitedly want to enter a private space. But, since the advent of wireless data networks and ubiqoutous computing, private space has been shifted into an invisible layer. Closed networks, such as WEP or WAP restrain access to this layer. Thus, being expelled from the Internet can be a painful act and harm you to a certain extend. The project “constrain city walks” let you literally, feel this pain, by tightening a worn chest strap which is embedded in an ordinary jacket. The stronger the signal of perceived restriction, the harder your breath! Alternative routes through the city are the only constrained conclusion. Thus it indicates an invisible form factor of city’s policy and at the same time it unhinges you between the decision of eluding or allowing the pain of information society.

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