constraint city at arco madrid

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Oscar Abril Ascaso invited me to participate in his project Techformance which will take place around Murcia/Cartagena and will eventually beĀ  shown at ARCO Madrid, one of the biggest art fairs in Europe.

I’ve been invited to do a public performance with some citizens from Cartagena interested in trying out the Constraint City jacket in January. It was an interesting experience watching other people than me :) wearing the corset.

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Around eight people (3 women among them!) wore the corset and subjectively experienced an enhanced psycho-geographic walk through emblematic signs and ancient monuments in the maritime city of Cartagena!
The walk has been recorded and each progressively attacking network has been rendered into a Constraint City map of Cartagena.

A hub of participatory projects inviting visitors to the art fair and citizens in Murcia alike to take part in real time from February 11th to 16th 2009. All other selected works are presented on the Techformance website (both in english and Castellano). Take a look and contact me if you are around Madrid. I’ll be there from 11th till 13th of February!

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