Fetching some Google Map tiles using Python

TechSheet — admin @ 8:53 pm

After rendering a 6000x4000pixel map from GoogleMaps using 256×256 image tiles, my script started to fail every time. What seemed like a strange bug, turned out into a (once again) google restriction … OBEY!


Even after changing my IP and surfing through another Proxy with a sp00fed MAC-Address, i received the error. :/

Wikipedia says about the 403 error:

The message may be thrown up by conventional searches or links; the suggestion that the user’s computer may be infected is often incorrect. The screen was first reported

in 2005 and was a response to the heavy use of Google by Search Engine Optimisation companies to check on ranks of sites they were optimising. The message may also be triggered by high volumes of different searches from a single IP address. The block is removed after a day.

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