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The project “the pain of everyday life” is a city-intervention and a digital art performance addressing public and private space within the realm of everyday constraints. It resembles an urban interface for an invisible city, an architecture which is subconsciously perceived and which constantly oscillates as resonant landscape, consisting of electromagnetic waves.

A chest strap (corset) with high torque servo motors and a WIFI-enabled game-console are worn as fetish object. The higher the wireless signal strength of close encrypted networks, the tighter the corset becomes. Closed network points improve the pleasurable play of tight lacing the performer‘s bustier. Thus, constituting the aether as a space of possible pregnancy, filled with potential access-points to the networks of communication. Everyday walks between home, work and leisure are recompiled into a schizogeographic pain-map which is fetched from GoogleMaps servers with automated scripts. By wearing the straight-jacket, the artist not only writes, but is at once also able to read the city code.

The outcome of his walk provokes an emergence of a city-shaped body. The map keeps not only tracks of all wireless networks along the route, but also the wearer’s détournement when entering a very dense network place, a so called pleasurable pain zone. Therefore, the artist becomes the 21st century flaneur who balances along sensual perceived pain and the torture of everyday routes in a very special Arcades Game Project.


Spektropija got PainMap of Riga

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The friendly and very supportive people from RIXC invited me to this year’s festival Spektropija in Riga/Latvia with the focus of artistic explorations within the invisible electromagnetic field surrounding us.

I performed a Constraint City walk yesterday and vola, here’s the KML file of my subjectively

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Riga Pain Derive (see below the map of Riga).


Apart from the exhibition which takes place in Riga’s Maklas Telpa, there’s a 2day conference announced from 17th October, performances and a workshop with the the title TEMPEST, the latter organized by no other than Martin Howse. Take a look on RIXC’s website for the full schedule.

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