pedal hin pedal her

WHEN: Taking part of Festival der Regionen @ Linz 09 24 May 09 3p.m.

WHERE: solarCity (around Linz/Austria)

ELSE: Nostalgic gamers, bikecouriers and jetpropellered-bikes are welcome!

Bicycletron has the right to children. Simple ignore the fact that we´re quoting one of our deeply adored childhood films and games from the 80´s by switching to real players out from the computer straight to a given matrix of game space. Physical power is the object of desire. Pedal hin Pedal her recreates virtual space to haptic strips of precarious architecture; yearning for your femur muscles. The question "In how far do innovations of "real" architecture influence game architecture, and vice versa?" will be empirical investigated by a serious<>fun approach.

The original game TRON consisted of 4 sub-games, the only one of concern is the 'Light Cycles' one, in which the player uses a left/right joystick to control a 'Light Cycle' which leaves a wall behind it wherever the cycle it goes, turning only at 90 degree angles. The stripes, the equivalent to the walls, as well as the light cycles represented by our very own DrahtEseln, can only turn at 90 degrees due to our game matrix in RL consisting of hundreds of poles which are put into soil. The yellow/black (player#1) and red/white stripes (player#2) will be then wrapped around when passed. The AI as opponent to the protagonist is substitued by the ominous Player#2, even more highly advanced and more unpredictable than nowadays algorithms promise. The 3d-environment which is currently transcribed in the game ARMAGETRON is reinvented by our most experienced render engine - the REAL life.

Acknowledge deeper understanding in RealPlayer´s Topic, Alfred Jarry´s devotion to bikes and Monowheels in Ludic Society Magazine which covers "Real Player - Ludique Enthousiastes" as well as the phenomenon of new bachelor machines. Indeed, their research enters pata-science fiction for adults! Thanks to Ludic Society & Marguerite Tres Charmante for kindly supporting & inspiring us!

Disclaimer: This Game is neither RFID, nor GPS supported!

Max. Players: Two
Max. Run: 500metres

Compulsory: Helmets, Protection Gear (will be provided)

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23.06.2006 - premiere

the game




technical talks in the box

building the matrix


last shopping exodus


developing lightcycle sonification

lightcycle#2 friendly sponsored by clar



LightCycle#1 20.04.2006

cosy labud sponsored by vesna

Mounting the very second "JederFresseEineInDieKamera"-Cam 19.04.2006

photo in background friendly provided by (c) julie staudach-jefferson

Mounting the very first "JederFresseEineInDieKamera"-Cam 16.04.2006

special thanks to gamepunk

camera supported by max

First Test Run 19.01.2006

thx to bela eckermman for technical expertise

First Scribbles 11.12.2005

(ZZZ)2006 in cooperation with RealPlayerSeminar