This is Gordo
Unpleasant Design talk during Critical Making festival in Basel 25.4.2015

Diskoledron shown in Biel/Bienne Centre Pasquart April - June 2015

Artist Talk for Critical Media Lab opening in Basel

Exhibition in Lustenau: Zur Konstruktion von Wirklichkeit durch digitale Medien

Gordan Savičić is fascinated by new issues of our contemporary existence caused by the effects of new media on subjectivity and its deep social implications. He is interested in imposing and applying the assumed (computed) reality within different realms to discuss its potential future and exploit. Main research areas around his projects include game cultures, digital and urban interventions, architecture, pervasive computing as well as open source technologies. His participation in collaborative projects and performances have been shown in several countries and received various awards, such as Japan (dis-locate), Germany (Transmediale), Austria (Ars electronica) and Spain (Arco), among others. Savičić has been teaching new media art practices at various schools and universities in the Netherlands (Piet Zwart Institute, Geert Rietveld Academy), Zurich (Zürcher Hochschule der Künste) and in Austria (University of applied arts Vienna), among others.

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